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December 24

New Beginnings after Civil War

Our gifts for Mission & Service support rebuilding after conflicts and natural disasters. Let us hear a story from Guatemala.

The Nebaj region of rural Guatemala suffered through three decades of civil war that ended in 1996. Here, the Guatemala Conference of Evangelical Churches (CIEDEG) is training more than 400 Indigenous women in human rights, citizen participation, and economic empowerment through farming.

The women have seen changes since the training. Their confidence has grown; they are no longer afraid to voice their opinion and some have even run for political office. Training encourages women to not just know their rights but also to exercise them. Says Veronica Gomez, CIEDEG’s Gender Equality Program Coordinator, “Not only do they havea voice, but they also have a vote.”

The agricultural development project has reduced malnutrition in the community’s children and provided a new source of income for families. CIEDEG organizes local women into groups and provides each with seeds and materials for a greenhouse. Through these small cooperatives, the formerly displaced communities are becoming self-sufficient.

We sing thanksgiving that, through Mission & Service, communities are able to rebuild and experience peace

December 31

Mission & Service through the Years

June 10, 2017, was the 92nd anniversary of The United Church of Canada. In the beginning, some Presbyterian churches along with the Methodist and Congregational churches in Canada came together in Mutual Street Arena in Toronto.

Mission & Service has always been at the core of the denomination. It has had different names, but the function has always been the same: to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God to answer the

call to mend the world. We have come a long way in understanding our place in the world and how to make a difference—from the Woman’s Missionary Society and Home and Global Mission Boards to the Missionary and Maintenance Fund that we now call Mission & Service.

With this evolution we have also transformed how we live out our mission in the church, from sending missionaries to being in partnerships to a more holistic view of Mission & Service. We no longer think that God’s church has a mission; rather, God’s mission has a church.

We sing thanksgiving for your support of Mission & Service ministry and programs with people on the margins in Canada and around the world. Together we have done far more than we can ever do alone.