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 March 10,2019

The Values of Our Faith Community:juxta-opposed to the values in this life.

A) The primary value is to live with thanks for the gifts received in this life.

B) To hold faith in a mystery of God's own making.

C) To allow life's unfolding; to surrender and live into wonderment and surprise. 

March 31, 2019

Grace that Matters 

A) God chooses to liberate us from the past: good, bad or indifferent. 

B) God welcomes us to uprightness - to be put right.

C) Grace permits the right to determine our own path; to reap its consequences and learn. if we learn, a banquet will be prepared! There is no right or wrong, only the willingness to wake up and smell the coffee. 
April 21, 2019

Easter Morning: the beginning of a new paradigm

A) In and through the faith of Jesus all are welcomed into the family of God as descendants of Abraham. 

B) The shadow of the messianic happiness is upon us. Life can be different.

C) Grief is transformed when we let go and allow what is gone to return anew. 

May 12, 2019

Our Identity as Christ Followers: 

A) We are about new life. We are about raising the dead!

B) Our witness is our martyrdom.

C) God is present whenever we practice faith. The Buddhist teaching of two arrows is summarized as follows:
  Pain is inevitable, but suffering is         optional.

June 2, 2019

Haunting Claims of Freedom:

A) Worship and prayer invites liberation from the most basic forms of imprisonment: our selves. 

B) By martyria, the act of witnessing our faith gives liberation to those who watch us from afar.

C) Our unity of purpose gives everyone a place at the table of fellowship. 

Thus, the act of prayer is the act through which the transition from “I” to “We” is inevitable... Prayer holds together the shattered fragments of the creation, making history possible... For the eschatological kingdom migrates into the today of God’s design. Therefore, it is victory over nothingness.
by Jacques Ellul’s
  Prayer and the Modern Man
July 7, 2019

Unexpected Prophets: the mouth piece of God

A) Unexpected prophets are not the wise or the learned, nor the powerful and those with status; they are instead, the lowly, the simple and most surprising of the human race. 

B) Unexpected prophets do not delude themselves into believing they are important, but understand themselves as channels of grace. 

C) Unexpected prophets do not rejoice in their accomplishments, but take satisfaction in the fact that they are called. 

September 8, 2019

God Has Things In Hand But Only If We Would Give Way:

A) We must never attempt to segregate God from the process of creation.

B) Dont rely on your teachers or leaders, rely on yourself: Take responsibility! 

C) God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot Change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. - Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. 
September 29, 2019 

Keeping Focus:

A) Lay your treasure where your heart is.

B) Worship God only. Worship comes from the Saxon word: worthship – describing the worth of
a person or thing to which homage is addressed.

C) You are here strictly not for yourself, but for someone else or something else.

October 20, 2019

Persistent Faith:

A) Check the source of your motivation.

B) Employ critical analysis; check the facts; be diligent and fight for the truth!

C) Never stop praying for the coming of the Kingdom and work with others to make it happen.

October 27, 2019

Be Satisfied:

A) God desires fellowship with us; his spirit is for all to share.

B) Despite misfortune and abandonment, God will never leave us alone.

C) Walk humbly, love mercy; there you shall see God knowing that his spirit is never far away.

November 17, 2019 

      A Vision of Promise:

      A) No matter how bad things look; forget the past, and move toward work or rebuilding.

      B) Live life into its promise; imitate the faith of Christ.

      C) No matter what, keep witnessing – live into the faith that carries you! God is doing something new!

 March 17, 2019

Journey toward Trust:

A)Let God lead you by the hand.

B) Live out your trust with authenticity.

C) Live to fight for another day. Choose wisely the hill to die on.


April 7, 2019

The Fragrance of Life

A) The sweet smell of life happens when having to let go.

B) The sweet smell of life radiates its rich odour when cradling trust in God.

C) The sweet smell of life blankets the odious odour of death and despair. 
April 28, 2019

Love's Disruptive Witness

A) Challenging the ruling principalities and powers of our time.

B) Be God's "Yes" to a broken world.

C) After the grief has past, be lifted out of yourself, knowing death has no power over life and love.   

May 19, 2019

Unity in Diversity: the quality of fellowship

A) Fellowship which wrestles to be inclusive.

B) Fellowship which allows for differences while loving uniquely or equally as each new situation demands.

C) Fellowship which mirrors whose disciples we are. 
June 9, 2019

A Spirited Filled Faith:

A) Faith as a journey which leads to inclusivity.

B) Faith found on a spirit of adoption (co-creators) rather than a spirit of fear (servants obedient to a master).

C) We are not alone. The Paracletos will lead the way forward for our faith.  

July 14, 2019

Compassionate Neighbours:

A) ...never take comfort in their pride of heritage.

B) ...always look to the faith of Jesus as their principle standard for life.

C) ...should never assume who their neighbours are.

July 28, 2019

A Life Of Prayer

A) Remain faithful to love and its ultimate source.

B) Remain faithful to faith itself. Trust God always!

C) When we pray we pray with profound intention that is persistent; knowing God will give us what we need, and not what we want. 
September 15, 2019

God in the Midst of Stormy Seas:

A) When storms happen in life try not to delve too deeply with the whys and wherefores. There will be no immediate answer...just breath, putting one step in front of the other.

B) Credit God for your new situation, by learning something new, in order that you might become what He intended from the beginning. 

C) keep focused on the One who carries you, and less on the noise, confusion, or calamity that surrounds you. 
October 6, 2019

The Heirloom of Faith:

A) Faith is taking sure steps although no road is visible, hoping although there is nothing to look
for, refusing to despair although things are quite desperate, having ground under us although
we step into a bottomless abyss. Faith is therefore directed towards the future, indeed it is
really bringing about the future.

B) Where faith is, there something happens. For where faith does justice to reality through love,
there the world is observed as creation. For faith demands the right and proper use of reason.
That is what distinguishes it from superstition.

C) Simply trust; do not worry about the calibre of your faith. Just trust.

November 3, 2019 

Changing Perspectives: 

A) The faithless possess souls that are highly inflated, while the faithful walk humbly with their God. One has a relationship; the other stands alone. See how this can change your

B) Challenging times can make faith bloom, thereby, changing one’s perspective.

C) When you have the full story then you can develop a balanced perspective.

March 24, 2019

Fed by The Shekinah or Divine Presence:

A) The Shekinah feeds us when we enter into a conscious choice to live into God's realm today. 

B) The Shekinah feeds us when we live into the values of God's realm today.

C) The Shekinah feeds us because God is patient; the Shekinah is ever with us! 

April 14, 2019

Palm Sunday – Drawing a line in the sand:

A) The willingness to confront power with truth.

B) The willingness to live in service for all.

C) The willingness to pick your hill to die on.    

April 19, 2019 

Good Friday 
May 5, 2019

The Turning Point of Transformation:

A) In the context of lived life, we are transformed: reevaluating our place in a confused and broken world.

B) Worship gives pause to listen well and to reflect.

C) For every failed expectation on our part, a word of love is divinely offered.  
May 26, 2019

The Power of Listening:

A) Through active dialogue, truth is perceived if we are truly listening. 

B) Pay attention to those who give sacrificial compassion. 

C) Let the Spirit of Truth lead to the very fullness of truth. 
June 16, 2019

Trinity Sunday: Wisdom Calls

A) to hear what we need to hear, and shut out the rest of the noise.

B) become friends and relations, each to the other, through the faith that puts us right.

C) to constant learning while having to unlearn other things. 

June 30, 2019

The Spirit Calls:

A) To pick up the mantle.

B) To live into the guidance of the Spirit; not to what we want or think we need.

C) To live a life in God.
July 21, 2019

Faithful Listening:

A) Do what the Lord requires of you. Practice what you hear and it becomes a priority.

B) Like Jesus, our faith calls us to listen to the voice of vicarious suffering so that we can speak truth to power. 

C) Shut out the noise of a busy life and find time to listen to the source and depth of your soul.
September 1, 2019

How Does God Show Himself in the Depth of Our Lives? 

A) Questions raise other questions which lead to the formulation of a possible answer affirming out faith. 

B) Forgiveness makes possible reconciliation but grace lays the foundation for our adoption as children of God. 

C) Don't be afraid to dive deep for a pearl of great price!  
September 22, 2019

The Nature of the Cosmic God: 

A) God wants to play with what he has made. To play is to relate; to build a relationship filled with fun and excitement.

B) In the faith of Jesus, we can visualize God’s love and investment for humanity. 

C) In the death of Jesus, the wisdom of God - forgiveness - destroys the power of idolatry. The gift of discernment to see how idolatry has resulted in our permanent enslavement to lesser gods.
October 13, 2019

Communal Restoration

A) Make the best of a bad situation; make your home in the midst of desolation.

B) Hold on to the One relationship that really matters: If we are faithless, he is faithful still, for he cannot disown his own self.

C) Despite the road blocks that stand in the way of our relationships, we must follow this great commandment: Stand up and go on your way. Your faith has saved you!
November 10, 2019 

Basking in God:our fullness in God:

A) To work; I am with you – live out your purpose so as to fulfill God’s plan.

B) Forget about the parousia and focus on what’s right in front of you – your life and the lives of others.

C) God is for the living and not the dead.