St. John’s provides an atmosphere of family and community where each stage of life is celebrated and shared. 

Every baptism is a unique expression of tender cradling, where the child is embraced by the faith community. This is done in acknowledgement that the child is both a blessing and gift come from God for the broader community and its welfare.
Our sanctuary and beloved stained glass window adorns our guests conveying the presence and eye of the Eternal. Every wedding is bathed in its radiant light and is known to bring solace, peace and commitment to the two becoming one.
Funerals, absorbed in sorrow and grief, are nurtured by the distinctive silence of arms spread wide open bringing comfort and assurance that death be not the final end, but rather a new beginning and a celebration of life. Eulogies, familiar passages of scripture, combined with rich music of the organ and the choir, comfort family in its time of sorrow, the stained glass window lifts broken hearts to hope and eternal promise.