The ultimate purpose of a funeral service is 
threefold: to acknowledge the loss and the ensuing grief that overwhelms us; to speak honestly and
openly about the person who died, allowing reflection and memory to bring meaning in the midst of deep loss; and to reach out to those who have gathered with family and friends; to call upon the Creator for hope of life’s eternal and enduring cycle that is life: birth,life, death and rebirth. Just because a person dies, it does not mean the end of the relationship. It simply means that the relationship is different. While we cannot hold them or speak to them, they become,nevertheless, a spiritual force that is to be reckoned with us while we live.

Booking for Funerals:

a) Contact the minister through the funeral                                                                                      home of your choice.                                                                                                                       

b) The minister will require information on                                                                                      the deceased and will make arrangements for                                                                                  ceremony upon their arrival to the office.                                                                                         

c) The fees required are $350.00 to the church;                                                                               $250.00 for the minister;  and other costs.                                                                                     

d) All requests for funeral services are open                                                                                  to all regardless of religious affiliation.