Upcoming Events and Announcements


    Every Sunday:                    Every Tuesday:  (10:30-11:30)                  Every Second and 4th Thursday:   

Sunday Service at 10:30 am      Adapted Chair Yoga  - held in the Narthex        Qi - Gong @ 5:00pm  

   Sunday School                                                                                                            Drop in $20.00

  - First Sunday of every month.                                                                                                               4 classes  $ 60.00


                           Weekly Announcements 

-     Board Meeting Feb 20th @ 7:00pm 

-    Shrove Tuesday Supper Feb 25th @ 5:00pm 

-    Book Club with Rev. Sparks will start on Feb 17th @ 7:00pm

             - We will be studying the book "David's Truth"

             - Cost will be 25.00/book Contact Rev. Sparks

- Stay to celebrate Bill Antoniuk's Birthday with cake after service on Feb 23rd 

- Special Guest Speaker: Ruth Isley - The Healing of Qi-Gong

- UCW Meeting March 9th @ 1:15pm